Our Mission!

We are dedicated to bringing you the best balsamic vinegar ever!

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Sample of Gourmet Blends Products

We provide our consumers with 100% pure balsamic vinegar. It is barrel-aged by an artisanal producer in Modena, Italy. As it ages, it gets richer and sweeter and loses its acidity. We have flavors for every palate. From traditional balsamic to vanilla fig. Additionally, we bring you delicious gourmet dipping oils. Visit our web site to discover your own perfect blend. Watch Gourmet Blends Co-founder Lenny Levy share with you and others watching ABC about balsamic vinegar.


3 Responses to Our Mission!

  1. DPC says:

    I had no idea there were so many different types of balsamic vinegar. It’s my favorite dressing for salads when I combine it with Olive Oil. Looking to learn more through your blog!

    • Thanks DPC. We are excited you discover us. Nature and our company have been working for years to discover these amazing flavors. Our new site will be coming soon and there we’ll be sharing even more delicious culinary adventures. Stay tuned. And let us know of your Gourmet Blend discoveries too. Best ~ Liam

  2. Ona says:

    I love all your products and use them daily. I have only a few yet to try. My husband and I are on low carb eating plan; the flavored oils add a delicious variety. The white balsamic is my favorite, can’t image cooking without it. We are careful because of sugar content. Meat, vegetables and fruit, your products compliment them all. I am grateful for discovering them. With that in mind, I have 3 suggestions that would help other to experience your wonderful products:
    Gift Baskets I can sent as gifts
    Partner with other Company like Atkins for receipts and more
    Low sugar option on the balsamic vinegars (many suffer with diabetes)
    Looking forward to new recipes.

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